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    5 Tips and Tricks To Maximise Time

    Not enough hours in the day to get tasks done? Include these five tips and tricks in your daily routine to maximise time.


    1. Leftovers 

    This may not work for every meal (microwaved stir-fry tends to lose its crunch) but some meals, such as a good curry, can taste even better the next day. Why not use this to your advantage and make enough the night before so that you can have a delicious lunch at work the next day? 


    2. Allow (And Encourage) Help

    Your loved ones don’t enjoy watching you struggle, no matter what Negative Nancy nearby may whisper. Even if it is just a shoulder to lean on, make use of that shoulder. Use your little army; this means enlisting the help of those tiny soldiers who normally wreak havoc on the battlefield. Give them small and menial tasks to do around the house – learning responsibility at a young age is pretty important. 


    3. Be Prepared  

    Avoid fights in the morning and do the search for those ever elusive school shoes and tie the night before. They’ll be ready to be thrown on the next morning without the hassle. 


    4 Shope With A List

    Do not deviate from the list! This will prevent hungry tummies from adding unnecessary items to the basket and a hoard of chocolate and nicey-nices from using up your pay cheque. 


    5 Focus

    Learning to say ‘no’ to unimportant tasks will give you time to spend on tasks that are more important to you. Taking care of yourself needs to be high on that list of priorities. If you don’t, how can you possibly look after everyone else? 

    Being a mother can very easily be an overwhelming job, but you are the linchpin of the whole operation. You are vital. When in doubt – don’t be afraid to take a break. 


    Words: Melissa-Jane Hershaw | Photography: Unsplash 

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