• Take Your Tech Supplements

    Take Your Tech Supplements

    Acer Chromebook 317

    Someone had to make the biggest Chromebook, and it may as well be the world’s best manufacturer. This business-focused, 17.3-inch beauty is not meant to solve education problems, but it can do that all day long if needed. Chromebooks are the perfect weapon for carving up Google Docs and conquering hours-long Meets calls. The greatest thing about it? It remains the best way to keep your many accounts in their own silos because each Google account creates a new profile that you can swap between, so the kids can use it without you worrying. 

    Price TBA, acer.com



    D’Cent Biometric Cryptocurrency Wallet

    It’s called ‘cold storage’ if you were wondering what the term was for hardware crypto wallets. The company formally known for its Ethereum card has pivoted to include all the crypto coins that matter in an elegant, secure hardware wallet. Think of it as a natural evolution of the excellent crypto wallet app and less as a USB drive that you can lose. What sets this apart from the other glorified flash drives? You can view your transaction history and accounts right on the OLED display and even generate a secure private key directly on the device without connecting to other software. If cryptocurrency is the immediate future of finance, then the hardware wallet is the next frontier of functional fashion.  

    From R1 626, dcentwallet.com


    Volkano Relief Powerbank

    Many companies have tried to answer the question ‘What if your keychain was also a power bank?’ Volkano comes closest with a 1 500 mAh cell stored inside something you can fit in every pocket. That’s half a full charge for when you need power to get you to the end of your day or to call that late-night Uber. 

    R100, hi-online.co.za

    Belkin Soundform Connect Audio Adapter

    There’s something you need to know about streaming music: it’s about to get more awesome. You know how Jay-Z’s Tidal platform was all about that high-quality audio life? Apple is bringing similar gains that are coming to Apple Music and Spotify at no extra cost. Just that, unfortunately, iPhone and most Android users won’t be able to play back the music at full resolution. This audio adapter, however, turns any speaker into an AirPlay 2 receiver and unlocks the true potential of your streaming music. 

    R1 355, belkin.com


    Brooks Aurora-BL

    The design is obviously born out of a need to stand out, but don’t let that take attention away from the engineering achievement that is the DNA LOFT v3 nitrogen-injected foam. That ‘BL’ in the name stands for BlueLine Lab, which is the Brooks skunkworks division responsible for the Boston Marathon-conquering Hyperion Elite. Aurora was designed to deliver gravity-defying gains.

    Price TBA, brooksrunning.com  

    Words: Lindsey Schutters | Photography: Courtesy Images.

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