• How to add character and flair to you kitchen

    How to add character and flair to you kitchen

    Want to give your kitchen character and flair? All it takes is smart shade-pairing


    We spend so much time in the kitchen. From early-morning coffee to late-night visits to the fridge, it should be a space you really love. The days of the pristine white kitchen space are long gone. Take some inspiration and spruce up the heart of your home with one of our trendy colour combinations…


    Midnight Charm

    We know this may sound a little outlandish, but dramatic black kitchens are causing an undeniable stir in the world of design and decor. Midnight-black cabinets paired with black and white tiles and splashes of bright, vivid colour make for a truly lavish effect. Black is handsome and solid: it emanates a particular boldness that is so refreshing when used in a white interior space. A darker background will also make your stainless-steel appliances and finishes shine. Use indoor plants, deep red accents and white crockery to soften the look.

    To the beach

    There is something calming about the hues and textures found at the seaside and, even if you live far from the rolling waves of the coast, you can easily infuse a little bit of beachy beauty into your home with some ocean-inspired shades. Work with three or four of your desired colours: one or two shades of blue, a sandy pastel hue and a crisp ivory. Use the shades of blue on your cabinets. Go with a pale shade of baby blue for a softer look or a rich, deep navy for something more dramatic. Paint the walls in a pastel or white shade for a contrast. Wooden countertops and nautical-themed artwork will give your landlocked kitchen a coastal feel too.

    Country cool

    Farmhouse kitchens are the stuff of many a homemaker’s decor dreams. This look will conjure up the scent of freshly baked bread and the sound of chickens clucking away in the backyard. The key to achieving the country look is to use a warm, inviting base colour that will complement every other hue it’s paired with. We suggest you go with one of your favourite neutral shades. Think of using a palette of light greys, rich cream tones and dusty pinks. Go with an off-white shade for the walls and a bolder hue for your cabinets. To complete the aesthetic, use touches of gold and display wooden fruit bowls and a vintage egg rack on your countertops.


    Words: Jazzara Jaslyn | Images: Unsplash

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