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    Spring Cleaning For the New Season

    The beginning of a new season doesn’t just mean cleaning out your closet, it’s about refining your way of living.


    Spring cleaning in spring, how groundbreaking, right? Well, when cleaning out our homes, or wardrobe for that matter, it takes a little more thinking and planning than merely tossing everything from 2015 and earlier. 

    For many of us, spring symbolises the birth of new life, growth, and it celebrates all things fresh. Taking a step back to ask yourself  ‘How do I want to carry that idea into my home, while still creating a home that is fresh and new?’ is a great place to start. From there what is important and what isn’t becomes clear, and hopefully we can embrace a new way of seeing our homes and choosing what goes in them. 


    Practical Solutions 

    Practical storage is great for its, well, practicality, but finding well-designed storage solutions that are meant to be seen can make all the difference in creating beautiful spaces. We love glass canisters, baskets and cotton storage solutions as they’re all attractive enough to double up as decor. 


    spring cleaning


    Perfectly Cosy

    In the warmer months, using lightweight curtains and duvet inners make living a little more comfortable. Don’t skimp on these pieces, they’re investment items that, if taken care of properly, will last you for years to come and help create a relaxing and inviting bedroom sanctuary.


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    Simple upgrades 

    There are few things as satisfying as redecorating, but let’s be honest it can be quite an expensive endeavour. Fortunately, with one or two key pieces it’s possible to breathe new life into a space. Instead of completely redoing a room, work with what you already have and give the space an upgrade with some new art, decor pieces such as vases or, if you’ve got some savings stashed away, upgrade a couch or big-ticket item. 


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    Words: Robyn Lane | Photography: Unsplash

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