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    10 tips to boost your well-being

    Not everyone is about that fit life, but if you are in need of a serious lifestyle makeover, we have 10 great tips to improve your well-being and achieve a fitter and healthier you.


    1 Write it down

    Create a standard weekly routine for yourself where you mark down your exercise times in designated slots. It may be tough to follow at first, but once your routine becomes solid, it’s even tougher to break.


    2 Prepping pro

    Eating healthy meals is easier and quicker when you make them ahead of time! Prep meals for the week, place them in containers, then pop in the freezer to have later on. This will also help you to establish a set routine.


    3 Bottles up

    We know you’ve heard this over and over, but seriously, you need to stay hydrated by drinking loads of water. Get yourself a cute bottle with a quote on it to carry with you and inspire regular sips.


    4 Treat yo’self

    Remember to reward yourself, even for small victories. Whether it’s new workout gear, a little chocolate, or some relaxation time, you deserve to feel good about taking care of yourself.


    5 Under 10

    Do short and fast exercises, even if it’s only for a few minutes, to give your body that extra boost. HIIT workouts are great for fitness and toning, plus they usually last between four and 30 minutes. You can exercise at a gym, or in the comfort of your own home to get that body moving.


    6 Social Sally

    Join a fitness class so that you get a workout, but also stay accountable. Alternatively, create a gym group with friends and try partner workouts as a fun and motivating get-together.


    7 Get App-y

    There are a ton of great (and free) fitness apps available for you to get workouts, and track your progress and calorie intake.

    MyFitnessPal is a big fave for diet and exercise tracking, or you can opt for Sweat, where you get recipes, a 12-week fitness programme, and can monitor your progress for a monthly fee.


    8 Caffeine crave

    Low on energy during your workouts? Have a cup of coffee or green tea to get your heart rate going before hitting the gym – just make sure it’s sugar-free!


    9 Stay in bed

    You heard us! Rest is important for your body and overall well-being, so while we aren’t saying you should spend a day on the couch (which is fine every so often), you should be getting those seven to nine sleep hours in to keep yourself energised.


    10 #FitFollow

    Start to follow fitness feeds that you find motivating. There are plenty of women and men, of all shapes and sizes, showing their daily fitness routines on social media. This is a great way for you to find fitness tips and tricks, as well as extra workouts, and perhaps even an awesome fitness community to join.


    Words: Taryn Wilson | Image: Unsplash

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