• Rhian Evans-Bam

    5 minutes with Rhian Evans-Bam

    So, 5 minutes with Rhian Evans-Bam tell us about yourself.

    I am a 37-year-old mom of two, born in England and now living in Thailand. I met my husband when I came to South Africa at the age of 21, and we instantly fell in love. Before coming to SA, I worked as a photoshop assistant and studied welding and non-destructive testing (queue the Flashdance theme song). Later realising this was not meant for me, I went on to study in the financial-service industry. Once hubby and I got married a few years later, we welcomed our two kids who are now eight and five. Being a mother is incredible, and yes it can be so very hard, and I know it sounds so cheesy, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Our most recent step as a family was to head on a new adventure with our kids to Thailand, where we are currently living.


    How did your yoga journey begin?

    After realising that I had lost touch with myself after having children, I decided to go to a yoga class with a friend. I felt the need to learn more and shortly afterwards, I completed my 200-hour teacher training. The feeling after teaching a class is simply euphoric. Releasing any tension or emotion is what drew me to yoga in the first place. Yoga asks for no judgement; you simply need to just be. And sometimes you don’t even need to move, you can just be sitting and breathing and still be practising yoga. 


    Rhian Evans-Bam


    What are some of the challenges you experience as a yoga instagrammer?

    Instagram is not an easy app to understand. The algorithm is constantly changing. So, for me, I like to think of it as a platform to connect and relate with other like-minded people. Especially now when we are all going through many highs and lows. Seeing that we’re not alone in this, standing by each other has been such an inspiration. Use this platform as a way to be inspired, motivated and learn from others, and not as a way to compare yourself with others. Know that a lot of what you see isn’t necessarily real, so unfollow the accounts that make you feel bad and rather follow others who uplift you every day.


    How do you stay motivated?
    For me, it is all about my morning routine. After dropping the kids at school, I jump right into my workout. Feeling great with all the endorphins released gives me the positive energy I need for the day. I also don’t put any expectations on myself, so if I only want to work out four or five days a week and take the weekend off, that is what I do. 


    Rhian Evans-Bam


    What advice should people carry with them in life and why?

    Know your worth and give yourself the time you deserve. Self-care wasn’t something I thought of before being married and having children. But it’s so important. Just as much as we give our energy to others, we need to replace that energy, filling our cups. We cannot give if we are empty ourselves. 


    Rhian Evans-Bam


    Words: Thuveshnie Govender | Photography: Courtesy Images

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